If you are economically challenged and facing a decision about the future of your pets, we can help..
To ensure that our community's companion animals never go hungry by providing assistance to their families.
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Memorial Donations

We exist not only to help pets, but also to shine a light on the contributions of those whose dedication and love mirror our own. If you would like to make a donation to the Save Our Pets Food Bank in honor of a departed loved one, please let us know by calling at 404-872-7708 or e-mailing us donate@saveourpetsfoodbank.org.


Laura Wells

Laura Wells' life on this earth was far too brief. She shared her love of nature's beauty and the animal kingdom she loved so dearly with her husband Jimmy and many other families and friends. She spent countless hours taking care of sick little critters, or spending special time with her beloved dogs Lucy and Desi.

The donation we received in her honor is helping others going through difficult times financially to be able to keep their fur families together. Her Aunt Pat Allen knew she would be so happy to know that Laura's love of animals was still being felt here on earth today.....and for many years to come.

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