If you are economically challenged and facing a decision about the future of your pets, we can help..
To ensure that our community's companion animals never go hungry by providing assistance to their families.
A 501(c)(3) Organization
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About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to help families keep their pets in their home. When Save Our Pets Food Bank started in 2008 we had no idea the need for our services would continue to grow. We do not see the need decreasing any time soon. This includes free pet food on a monthly basis and soon low cost heartworm care.

Help us keep our pet...

Our initial mission was to help pet owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We have gone far beyond those area boundaries now and have helped over 300 pet food banks get started nationwide. SOPFB recently joined an Alliance of Pet Food Banks around the country. The purpose of this was to come together to get the attention of pet food manufacturers nationwide. With millions of pets in rescues and shelters throughout the country it is heartbreaking to know that so much pet food is dumped by manufactures instead of given away to organizations like a pet food bank.

We are very grateful to be a part of this alliance and know it will make a tremendous impact on how we operate in the future. The most important thing is getting the pet food and help to those in need.

We have recently been helping a great rescue/pet food organization in Northwest Georgia that also helps in North Alabama and TN. That area was devastated by tornadoes not long ago. They have been doing all they can to help people and pets recover. Sadly it is still common practice there to free pet fooddump unwanted puppies and kittens by the side of the road, throw them in dumpsters or abandon them in public places.

The many struggling pet owners who are unable to afford to spay/neuter their pets regularly find themselves with escalating numbers of more companion animals living in deplorable conditions. The storms that recently went through the area have put focus on just getting their life back together and pets are the last thing to be of concern. We are doing all we can to support their tireless efforts.

How it all began...

Alarmed by a local news report about owners who were deserting their pets because they could no longer afford the cost of food, King, who owns Blooming Cookies and Paws Fifth Avenue Pet Gifts, immediately began to organize a pet food relief network. The purpose is to lend a helping hand to owners in need as well as to support shelters and foster families, who are taking in a record number of dogs, cats and even horses. By rallying Atlanta's pet community, animal shelters, rescue groups, and pet businesses, King and her team have already established over 20 pet food donation sites in Fulton County.

"Individuals, businesses and organizations have generously come aboard," says King. "Our desire is to prevent animal neglect and to spare loving pet owners the devastation of having to give up a best friend." The high rate of home mortgage foreclosures is also causing a burden on shelters and on people who foster pets. "Many families are being forced to move to apartments that don't allow animals," King explains. "If a loving owner has no other alternative but to give up his pet, we can lessen the heartbreak by ensuring the animal will be well-fed until he is adopted."


Dr. Dorothy Brawley
Dorothy Brawley, Ph.D is a professor of management and entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University. Also Strategic Management and Behavioral Science. She has held Academic Positions at Georgia State University and Mercer University. She is a graduate of Emory University.

Shelia Bissonnette
Ms. Bissonnette has 30 years experience in the non-profit sector. She is manager at the Anne E Casey Foundation. She has been involved with fundraising for the Catholic Church of Maine, and St Vincent of DePaul Atlanta.

We're going to need a lot more food. -Ann
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